Frequently Asked Questions

How is DPC different?
Direct Primary Care is a membership model that allows doctors to practice without interference from third party payors (insurance and government) by accepting payment ONLY from the patient, reducing cost and conflict of interest.

What is included in my membership? How long are appointments?
All the medical care you need that I can provide is included without additional cost. Hospital visits or home visits when appropriate are included as well. A comprehensive annual physical is strongly encouraged. Routine appointments are 30 or 60 minutes long. Enhanced coordination of your care with specialists, advocacy on your behalf, and research into your specific medical conditions is all included.

What if I have a concern after hours?
Enjoy the security of knowing you can always reach me! Members receive my direct contact information so you can contact me with emergencies after hours; I can advise you on how best to manage things, whether it is arranging an in-person evaluation, treating over the phone/video conference, or coordinating emergency department care. Many things can be handled remotely (when I am not bound by insurance regulations), saving you time, energy and money.

What if I get admitted to the hospital?
If you are admitted to the hospital I would insert myself as your primary care consultant, to bring any pertinent pre-existing knowledge to those that specialize in hospital medicine, advocate on your behalf on the treatment plan, make sure that you understood everything that happened and all the choices available to you, and that you got the appropriate follow up.

Do you take my insurance?
Trivas Family Medicine doesn't accept ANY insurance!! This allows me to keep overhead low and those savings are passed on to you. Your insurance will continue to function as always for things outside of my office-tests, hospitalizations, specialists, medications-though I may be able to save you even more money with lower cost options.

What if I have Medicare?
I have "opted out" of Medicare. You will need to sign a statement acknowledging that neither you nor I will submit bills for my services to Medicare. Medicare will continue to function normally for everything outside of my office. (Currently Medicare patients have NO out of network benefits-call your congressperson if this makes you mad!)

What is my commitment? Can I cancel my membership?
There is no contract or commitment, other than to try it for at least 3 months if you are new to the practice, and give 30 days' notice if you are changing physicians. Any pre-paid membership fees will be pro-rated and returned to you. Re-enrollment will be considered on a case-by-case basis if space allows, and subject to a $90 re-enrollment fee.

Why should I join when I already pay for insurance?
Your insurance company does not provide medical care, and insurance is not even access to medical care. Studies have shown that having a personal trusting relationship with a family doctor improves health outcomes and reduces medical errors, but that cannot occur in today's era of 7 minute visits with a provider. By having an experienced physician who knows you and your circumstances, has time for you, and works for you, your health and bank account both can improve (especially if you have a high deductible insurance plan, as more companies are offering). By eliminating the per visit payment, you may be more willing to seek care early, preventing complications. Having direct access to your doctor to have your questions and concerns answered promptly is invaluable.

How much does it cost?
Affordable monthly fees (with discounts for semi-annual and family billing) allows you to budget your healthcare dollars. No co-pays, deductibles or hidden costs prevent you from getting the primary care you need, when you need it. Automatic payments from your bank account or credit card make life easy.

Age 0-19: $50/month (or 10% discount with registered adult)
Age 20-39: $70/month
Age 40-64: $90/month
Age >65: $110/month

There is no registration fee, but new members will be asked to make a 3 month commitment Discounts: 10% discount for semi-annual payments

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