Hello Trivas member! Here are some helpful bits of information to facilitate your access to Trivas health care:

1. Enrollment: After you have completed the enrollment process there are a number of other forms that will need to be reviewed, completed, and signed. These forms (medical history, release of prior records, notice of privacy practices, and a form for folks with Medicare) are available to download here. You can fill those out and mail or bring them to your first appointment. People who were previously members of Qliance will still need to complete a release form according to the law, but receiving the records will be an expedited process compared to normal.

Trivas Patient History Form (pdf)
Release of Information from Previous Provider (pdf)
Trivas Acknowledgement of Privacy Practices (pdf)
Trivas Member Contract (pdf)

Once we have the patient portal ("Passport") connection established, we can send messages back and forth securely but until that point any email between us is not secure so I don't recommend sending your personal medical information via regular email.

2. Online scheduling: This part of my computer system is scheduled to launch on January 31, so until then you can call or email me for an appointment. I have stated office hours, but those are sometimes flexible so just let me know what works best for you.

3. After your first office visit you will get an electronic invitation to get the Passport app, which is a pathway for secure messaging and eventually online scheduling.

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