• Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    The Direct Primary Care practice of Dr. Courtney Johnson provdes comprehensive primary care services to individuals and families, in the office and out of the office. We use evidence-based guidelines combined with a personalized relationship to provide the best care for overall wellness, care af chronic diseases and prompt evaluation of new symptoms.

    Many practices provide an efficient experience when you go in for an office visit, but then the attention ends. At best you may receive an impersonal communication about results without any comment about next steps in your care. Since our practice is not focused strictly on office visits, the level and type of care is determined by what you need, not what we will get paid for.
  • Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    You will receive personalized contact from your provider with results, and discussion of a plan based on those results. This communication can occur in person, over the phone, or electronically.
  • Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    With Trivas our visits are longer without rushing you out the door before all your questions are answered. We are still watching out for your health when you are not in the office.
  • Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    Trivas Farnly Medicine helps you stay on top of your priorities and health goals, including stress management, habit management (like smoking), and family planning.
  • Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    At Trivas we be believe your time is important. When clinically appropriate it can be more manageable for your life to follow up by telephone, email, or video instead of coming in to the office
  • Trivas Family Medicine, West Seattle
    At Trivas Family Medicine, we are here for well child checkups, new concerns, and many of the other surprises little ones bring.
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Trivas Family Medicine
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